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Miss singing with us?

For our 40"ish" anniversary concert, we would love to have as many alumni join us on stage as possible.

If you're interested in singing with us, please click the button below to send us an email - be sure to include your name as you want it to appear in the program, your voice part, and the years you were in CCGR.

Additionally, we are looking to interview some alumni to be featured on our Facebook page!  If that is something you are interested in doing, please mention it in your email.

Concert Details


The following directors will be conducting these pieces for the concert. Please note only current CCGR members will sing the first piece.

Dr. Kody Wallace

  • How little time we have (tweets from the ICU) by Rob Redei

Dr. Mark Webb

  • The Lord is My Shephard by Mark Webb

  • The Battle of Jericho by Moses Hogan

  • Love Divine by Howard Godall

Larry Biser

  • Salvation is Created by Pavel Chesnokov

  • Evening Hymn by Henry Balfour Gardiner

  • The Omnipotence by Franz Schubert

  • Slow Drag by Scott Joplin


Every Tuesday starting February 21, 2023, until the concert, alumni are welcome to join rehearsal from 7:30-8:30pm at East Church to rehearse all of the music being sung.

Additionally, there will be a dress rehearsal Saturday, April 22nd from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at First United Methodist Church


The concert will be held Sunday April 23rd at 3:00pm at East Church.

More Ways to be involved

Not joining us on stage for some reason, but you still want to stay connected? Check out these three ways you can still keep in touch with the Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids!


We would love to get your email and address to let you know about future Chamber Choir events and opportunities!

Please fill out your information at this link, and be sure to tell us your voice part and which years you were in the program in the comments field!


We would love to see you at the concert, even if you aren't singing with us!


Every alumnus gets one free ticket available at the door, but you can also buy more (or purchase a CD or DVD)


Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids has been going strong for the past 40 years, and we intend to continue singing for the next 40 years! 

If you would like to make a donation to help fund this mission, we would be incredibly grateful!

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